The very first Weekly Muse

Weekly Muse is a section of our blog that is destined to bring to our readers some of our inspiration resources – our dirty little secrets for when I have to deal with writers block. It might be an image, a poem, a song, a cd, a video or just another blog. For our very first post, Alt-J’s striking videoclip for Breezeblocks.

Friends called it twisted, which is understandable, but personally I think the combination of the video with the music is just a perfect work of art, in the sense that it takes your imagination and expands the song meaning, bringing it to a whole new level. What was once an almost dull song about the possibility of a relationship ending, that honestly requires all my attention to minimally understand the words I am hearing, became an intricate plot of love and death. Images, sometimes, do shock more than words. I guess the backwards shooting of the couple fight introduces the viewer primarily to the desperate feeling of killing someone, in a impressive realistic way, to then explain how it all came to that, hooking your attention from the beginning. By giving you the result, your main focus becomes the whys, which in this case is revealed at the very end, when the husband finds his wife tied inside a cloak room, moments before being attacked by another woman. The lyrics help you understand what is going on, but they also raise questions about who is the attacker: a random girl, a mistress or an alter ego of the wife. From my point of view, the song is about a man’s struggle to keep his wife – or loved one –  close, even if it takes killing the very part of her that wants to leave. Love, differently than what fairy tales want to make you believe, can be very cruel, something we try to forget everyday in order to maintain our own relationships. Sometimes, being reminded that love is also letting go is the reality’s bitchy way to slap you in the face and make you move on. After all, you don’t really wanna kill what you love, do you? You supposedly want the whole big fat package, and nothing less. Don’t settle for a fraction of a person.


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