Isabel Allende’s passionate stories

Beauty has always been an issue, in the sense that we are constantly struggling to fit into the stereotype, the socially acclaimed beauty concept. Why is it so hard for people to accept and love who they are? Why is this particular issue so hard for women? A lot of people may blame photoshopped magazine covers and starving celebrities, but is that it? Maybe one of the many problems is how we are raising our kids: instead of educating them to think critically and be themselves, the message they receive is just to be one more skinny blond girly girl or a skinny blue eyed mainly boy, otherwise they won’t be accepted by society.

It is inspiring when strong, successful women, like Isabel Allende, send the message that, although they appreciate beauty, they would rather have the brains, the will, the strength, the courage and the passion to change the world they live in, trying to make it a better place. Allende addressed the issue on a TED talk from 2007, and although it may be old news, the message she sends is still contemporary. So, yes, I am posting this video.

Source: TED


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