Weekly muse: an inspiring protest

Occupy Brazil

The Brazilian facebook page Occupy Brazil posted this picture a few minutes ago, showing people from São Paulo, my hometown, protesting against the prices of public transportation. Although I truly believe on the cause and its importance for the citizens of the city of São Paulo, I am not going to write specifics about it: other people has written more than enough on the subject, highlighting tragic consequences for low income families, such as skipping a meal in order to have bus fare.

What I am going to do, though, is talk about how that image shocked me. There is so many people walking together for a social cause, standing side by side, fighting for a better quality of life. That is something just beautiful to see. It is inspiring, bringing hope that together we can build a better city, state, country, maybe even world. Only clichés come to mind…

Since the subject has been social manifestations and dreams of a better tomorrow, I couldn’t forget to mention the turkish struggle against the government and his resolution to cut down the trees of Gezi park in order to build a mall . Causes might be different, but the passion that moves people in these situations are basically the same. Here is the video:

Solidarity and generosity are just some of the feelings described on the video, equally presents on the Brazilian protest and witnessed by me through friends posts on facebook after fellow journalists were wrongly arrested. The organization responsible by the parade, Movimento Passe Livre, created a profile on a crowd funding website to collect the money necessary to pay bail for some of the people involved. And these are just some of the examples I can provide, surely who was in the parade last night witnessed many others.

As seen on Gezi and Brazil, sadly, the police has responded with extreme violence, showing once again that governmental organizations, at least in some countries, don’t know how to handle opposition.


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