Punta del Este: where beach and countryside come together

by Marcele Folgati

Punta del Este, in the winter is a place to be appreciated, a mix of beach and countryside. The cold wind becames more agreable with the sun that comes out practically every day. Differently from the crowded summer, Punta del Este is quiet and peaceful at this time of the year. In the mornings, after 10 am, when the weather gets warmer, and in the late afternoon, you can enjoy the beach by walking, cycling or skating on the shore. You will surely meet other tourists and locals doing the same.

Punta José Ignácio-7

José Ignácio is a place worth visiting. It is one of the most visited beaches during the summer. Although bars and restaurants will probably be closed, since they only open during peak season, the sight is simply beautiful.

For those who appreciate good food and are willing to try local cuisine, there is plenty of good options. On the shore, there is a restaurant called Guappa, which is always crowded. The dishes are very good and they go along well with the house sangria. A piece of advice: go to Manolo for dessert, and you will savour the best churros in town, with a side of the famous uruguayan dulce de leche. If, by any chance, you don’t know what it is, a churro is a fried dough normally covered with lots of sugar and cinnamon.


Another unforgetable restaurant is the one at Hotel Fasano – Las Piedras, a place on the top of a hill where you can enjoy the nature and the endless fields. Here you can get in touch with Punta del Este amazing countryside. Lamb is the preferred dish amoung clients.

Casa Pueblo 2-14

A visit to Casa Pueblo, built by the famous artist Carlos Páez Vilaró, during sunset reminded me of Santorini, Greece. It has a hotel, an art gallery and a museum with several of Vilaró’s paintings.

Nights are calm and the wind makes it colder. Most of the tourists end it up going to the Casino on Hotel Conrad and having dinner there. If, however, you want to get away from the crowds, I suggest going to L’Incanto, a restaurant where you can dine in or just taste a good wine with appetizers.

Personally, I found Punta del Este a very relaxing place, a perfect get away for this time of the year. You can most definitely get in touch with yourself and the exuberant nature all around, forgetting most of the stress we accumulate on our daily busy lives.

More informations:

Guappa – http://www.guappa.com.uy/

Fasano Las Piedras – http://www.laspiedrasfasano.com/

Casa Pueblo – http://www.clubhotelcasapueblo.com/

Conrad Casino – http://www.conrad.com.uy/2011/index.aspx

L´incanto – http://www.incantopunta.com/


Marcele Folgati is a Brazilian journalist, one of my closest friends, and she kindly agreed to write a piece for quirksmag. For that, I am extremely grateful.


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