Emma, 5, gives life to strong, female role models

Jaime C. Moore is a wedding and lifestyle photographer who need creative ideas to portray 5 years old girls, since her own daughter, Emma, had just turned 5. All she could find was pictures and tutorials on how to dress your daughter as a Disney Princess. It was not so much about not liking Disney Princesses – Moore claims she loves them – but it was about how massive it had became: 95% of what she found in her research for inspiration had the princesses in it. Isn’t there any other costumes, any other role models that can inspire girls photographs and make them see themselves differently?

“Five is such a fun age, the age you realize your little one is not so little anymore. She has begun to think for herself with her own opinions and questions about the world around her, it’s pretty amazing”, said Moore. “Emma is a very creative and independent girl herself.  I had mentioned several times about needing to photograph her 5 year portraits and when I proposed the idea of doing something completely new, she was so excited. We had so much fun picking out the costume pieces and through each woman’s portrait I would tell her about each incredible woman. Learning of Amelia Earhart seemed to be her favorite (although Jane Goodall was a close second), just the idea of her dressing like the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean thrilled her. I love her facial expression in the photograph, I took the shot as I was cheering “Emma you just flew a plane, by yourself, over the Ocean!”, in her eyes I see so much pride and confidence. I love seeing that come through an image and it means so much more seeing it in my daughter’s eyes.”

Jaime and Emma research was extensive, but they selected 5 remarkable women: Amelia Earhart, Sunsan H. Anthony, Coco Chanel, Hellen Keller and Jane Goodall. Emma would not only dress up as these women, but mimic their poses and recreate an original photography.

“There were many different reasons why I chose these 5 amazing women. Each woman is so very different in how they’ve lived their lives and how they have changed ours for the better. A big thing for me was that these incredible women overcame such obstacles and persevered to change their lives simply because they wanted to…. Amelia wanted to fly a plane, so she did. Not letting society’s “rules” direct their lives for them, they raised the bar and we should continue to.”, Moore explains. “Oh there were hundreds more woman we loved for the project, but it was quite tricky. We needed women who had portrait style photographs of themselves that I felt we could replicate, women with quotes that were appropriate to have featured under a little girl and because of certain copyright laws we tried our best to make sure the original photographs were of a certain age or public domain.”

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Jaime C. Moore website: http://www.jaimemoorephotography.com/

and Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JaimeMoorephotography


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