this is quirksmag

quirksmag was created to be a freethinking space where people could find texts, thoughts and other awesome things related to culture and lifestyle. You will find a little bit of everything in here: literature, movies, tv shows, events, personal recounts, opinions. You may even find some short stories and poetry, after all, fiction can be a cathartic, creative, exciting new way of communicating.

In order to find the stuff worth writing about a teacher in journalism school used to say we have to live as tourists on our own cities. We need to go outside, take the streets and get our feet dirty. A keen eye for the singular things that characterize social practices and an informed understanding of the world are things we only develop by living and experiencing things first hand. Being a tourist, in this context, means keeping that curiosity and wonder spark alive, meeting new people, participating on events, researching and searching for answers. Creating this blog was a way to keep exercising my mind, expressing myself and documenting my experiences through my very own tourist eyes.

Welcome to my collection of texts, thoughts and other awesome things!

Hope you enjoy it!

Juliana Clark



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