New York stole my heart at 16! And, again, at 26.

I was 16 when I first visited New York City. I was on a small interchange – 3 months living with my aunt, uncle and cousins in Darien, Connecticut  and attending High School. Until today the city holds a special place in my heart, being the place where I first went sightseeing without any adult supervision, such a freeing experience. That’s just one of the reasons why the front page of my blog holds a picture of the High Line, the train line that became one my favorite parks in the world. I like it especially because of what it symbolizes: adaptation, transformation, social appropriation of a place that was threatened  to be demolished.


The High Line wasn’t there when I was 16, but I visited NYC last year with my parents to search for my wedding dress. This might sound weird for some people, but buying the dress in the US, even when the wedding was scheduled to happen in Brazil, would save me something like $5.000 dollars. So, I scheduled an appointment at Kleinfeld, imagining I would have the “Say Yes To The Dress” experience. It wasn’t (and most of it was my fault – I was really stressed out with my parents dress advices, almost giving up, really), and I end up having my dress custom made in Brazil (and I bargained a lot to make it affordable).

IMG_0714      IMG_0726

I think I visited the High Line the same day I had my appointment at Kleinfeld. I was really bummed, moody, angry. I felt my parents were pushing their points of view down my throat, no dress would fit me properly and, on top of that, we were having our last trip together before the wedding. My fiancee was sending me websites profiles of possible houses for us to buy in Columbus, Ohio, and I remember thinking we would never find the perfect one. A lot of emotions flying around, yet, a walk on that park was somewhat refreshing.  There were two hipsters dudes playing songs, lots of people sipping freshly squeeze lemon juice and homemade popsicles. Friends were talking and gossiping on the benches, families strolling up and down and we were just following along, appreciating the view, the artworks displayed all around and the sun in our faces. It gave an opportunity to vent out, relax and come out the on the other end of the park with a fresher, calmer mind.


We took off walking around through the streets of NYC and, before we knew, it was dinner time. We decided to go to Balthazar, a restaurant I have heard wonders about. It was precisely what I was hopping for! We feasted ourselves with fish and duck and went back to our hotel, feeling good and tired after a busy day.